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Walk & Talk Sessions

Some of our therapists offer walk & talk sessions, based on need and availability. Please reach out if you have questions or would like to know more

Walk & Talk Sessions

Does sitting and talking for an hour sound too difficult or boring? Are you someone that doesn't like sitting still? Have you experienced trauma or have trouble regulating when you think or talk about it? 

Walk & Talk Sessions might be for you!

What are walk & talk sessions?

  • They are 45 min therapy sessions where we meet somewhere to walk while we talk.

  • We won't walk too fast, so yes, you will still be able to talk!

  • A great alternative when sitting another hour in an office sounds unappealing. 

Benefits of walk & talk sessions:

  • Sometimes it feels like there is less pressure and anxiety when we walk instead of sitting across from each other

  • Walking can help us with processing and/or emotional regulation. 

  • Efficient - you can get some movement in while you have your therapy session!

  • A great way to practice some of our favorite coping skills - movement, mindfulness, nature, and breathing - in the moment. 

Risks of walk & talk sessions:

  • Walking is physical activity that may not be suitable for everyone. Walk at your own risk. 

  • We will be walking out in public, so full confidentiality cannot be guaranteed, as other people may see or hear us. 

  • Walking and talking may require an added layer of risk or coordination. We cannot guarantee completely smooth walking areas. 

  • Sometimes it can be more distracting to walk in the open while trying to discuss whatever is on your mind. 

**Walk and talk sessions are completely voluntary and also not the best fit for everyone. Please discuss with your therapist, doctor, and other necessary professionals to see if it would be a good fit for you. 

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