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Trauma-Informed Yoga

While we are able to offer regular yoga classes, we specialize in Trauma-Informed Yoga. TI Yoga is great for anyone looking to heal from past experiences or regulate their nervous system. Please reach out if you are interested in trying it out!

How is Trauma-Informed Yoga different from "regular" yoga? 

Trauma-Informed Yoga offers a safe space to connect back to our mind, body, and spirit.


  • When we go through traumatic experiences, our bodies tend to disconnect from our minds, or vice versa, in attempt to protect ourselves. Trauma-Informed Yoga helps to reconnect our minds and bodies through consistent attention on how our body feels throughout class. 

  • During trauma, we don't have the opportunity to choose our experience or how it affects us. Trauma-informed yoga offers many options and encourages us to choose what feels best for our mind and body during each class. It allows us the opportunity to notice what our bodies are holding on to or experiencing in the moment and choose what pose to do, how deep to go into the pose, and if we need to work or rest. 

  • Our boundaries tend to be violated in some way during trauma. Trauma-Informed Yoga offers the space to explore our physical, mental, and emotional boundaries using the mat, poses, mindfulness, and optional discussion and disclosure. 

Trauma-Informed Yoga classes tend to be a bit shorter (usually around 30-45 minutes) and focused on how you are feeling in your body. We do some gentle poses, but they tend to be more basic and focused on strengthening, stretching, and releasing tension that our bodies hold on to after trauma.


Interested in learning more or joining me for a class? Reach out below! 

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