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All About Therapy Intensives

What are Intensives?

Intensives are longer sessions that take place monthly, over the course of a weekend, or over the course of a week. They typically last anywhere from 2-4 hours, depending on need and availability. They may include EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), IFS (Internal Family Systems), Trauma-Informed Yoga, or some combination of these. They may be done in an individual session or as a group.

What are the benefits of Intensives?

First and foremost, intensives can get a lot of therapy done in a shorter amount of time, though that also may not be the best fit for everyone! It is time and cost effective, as one three-hour session is the equivalent of about 6-8 regular 45 minute sessions. Intensives also help those who have a hard time committing to regular, weekly sessions.  


When should I consider an Intensive?

Intensives can be really helpful when you are looking to jumpstart your therapy journey, have been in therapy for a while and looking for a way to make progress in a short amount of time, or have a busy schedule and scheduling regular therapy appointments doesn’t feel like a feasible option.


What can I expect during an Intensive?

First, you will have an intake session where we will discuss your history, goals, and current symptoms. We will then come up with a treatment plan to decide if a few more one-hour sessions would be helpful or if it would be helpful to go ahead and schedule an intensive session.

During the intensive, we will do a regular check-in and discuss anything that you need to discuss, and then we can jump into the EMDR, IFS, or Trauma-Informed Yoga part of the intensive. Don’t worry, we take breaks, there are snacks provided, and you can choose to stop at any time! You can also expect some progress – usually pretty significant progress! – and to feel a bit tired. There is time for journaling, walking, or anything else that might be helpful for you as well.


How do I know which Intensive would be the best fit for me?

We will discuss which modality (EMDR, IFS, and/or yoga/movement) might be helpful for you. Once we hear more about your history and symptoms, we can recommend what we think might be the most helpful for you and decide what your intensive could look like together.

Want to learn more? Email us at to set up a free 15 minute consultation phone call!

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