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Meet Lizzy Knight, MAPC

How did I get into this career?

I chose counseling as my career path because of the impact it had on my life and the impacts I saw it have on others. Regardless of upbringing or background, I believe that every human being deserves and needs care and safety throughout the lifespan. Counseling offers a space to not only grow in awareness of our self but also to increase our capacity to connect with others. I am very passionate about being with others in the midst of hardship, pain, and difficult life circumstances and have seen the significant healing that can come from meaningful connection with others and with ourselves.


What is my favorite thing about what I do?

I absolutely love the opportunity counseling offers to work with so many different people. I love being able to play and create and explore with others. I love that this work lends itself to flexibility and expansion rather than rigidity. I love hearing stories about people and their lives. I love being challenged to think differently and collaborating with clients to best support their needs and goals.


What do I like to do when I’m not at Work It Out Wellness?

My favorite way to spend leisure time is in nature, I enjoy running and walking and exploring outside. I also cherish time with my family, friends, and playing with my beautiful dogs, Hope and Willow. I love painting and writing and always love to have some quality time alone.


What do I hope for my clients?

I always want to dream big for others and hope so much for my clients to experience safety, healing, and growth. I aspire to create a space where anything can be said and worked through and where there is no fear of judgement but rather the anticipation of being met with safety and understanding. I always aim to honor everyone’s uniqueness and autonomy while offering support and authentic care.

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